SNAP Sign On Letter

NUTRITION // ACTION ITEM PROTECT SNAP IN 2018 FARM BILL: ORGANIZATION SIGN ON June 25, 2018 / Author: Madison Wall 2018 Farm Bill and SNAP  Dear Member of the Tennessee Delegation: We are writing to

Medicaid Expansion is Supported by 63 Percent of Tennesseans

MEDICAID EXPANSION SUPPORTED BY 63% OF TENNESSEANS Patient advocacy groups and health care providers released a poll today showing wide voter support for the state’s use of federal Medicaid funds to cover uninsured Tennesseans. A statewide poll of registered voters, conducted in April by


TENNESSEE HEALTHCARE VOTER T-SHIRT The Bring It Home campaign is a non-partisan effort by organizations and individuals to educate Tennesseans and policymakers about the need to make full use of federal health care funding to address Tennessee’s pressing health care needs. The state legislature passed a law in 2014 that bars the governor