Amy and Greg Wagner

TJC Story Blog July 2021 Amy & Greg Wagner Accessing health services in rural areas is hard. It has been especially hard for Amy and Greg Wagner of Canon County. Mrs. Amy Wagner gained custody of her son, William Bradley Clark, when he

Christina Wolfe

TJC Story Blog May 2021 Christina Wolfe Christina Wolfe lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her 25-year-old daughter. Her daughter has some disabilities and has been enrolled in the ECF CHOICES program since 2016. It has been a constant and tremendously difficult struggle for


TJC Story Blog Mar 2021 Kelly Kelly lives in Medina, Tennessee with her younger brother, John. Their parents passed away in 2019 and Kelly became John’s guardian. They were living in Illinois at the time and John had a very difficult time with

Sierra Clark

TJC Story Blog Feb 2021 Sierra Clark Sierra Clark lives in Millington, Tennessee with her husband and five children. She is a stay-at-home mother and her husband works. Sierra and her husband have been on her husband’s employer insurance since he switched jobs