Sierra Clark

TJC Story Blog Feb 2021 Sierra Clark Sierra Clark lives in Millington, Tennessee, with her husband and five children. She is a stay-at-home mother, and her husband works. Sierra and her husband are currently on her husband’s employer insurance, and her five children

Brittany Smith-Hill

TJC Story Blog Feb 2021 Brittany Smith-Hill “My ex husband was injured while at work. His employer did not offer insurance nor did they have workers comp. As a newly diagnosed quadriplegic who requires specific equipment in order to live, it was near


TJC Story Blog Nov 2020 Tracy Imagine having to make one of the most difficult decisions in your life – having to check someone you love, a member of your family, into a nursing home facility because you could no longer care for

Tommye Messina

TJC Story Blog Nov 2020 Tommye Messina “Knowledge is power.” That was the lesson that has empowered Tommye throughout her life. It has been the motivator behind her as she advocated for her family and now herself, especially in regard to her healthcare. Tommye has a