TJC Story Blog July 2021 Anonymous “I am insured, and now so are my children," said a Tennessee mom. Her son has been unable to receive adequate dental treatment due to a "technical error" from DentaQuest and TennCare. After three years of attempts


TJC Story Blog July 2021 Anonymous TJC spoke with a mother of two children who lives in Cosby, Tennessee. She has worked since she was 15 years old and had previously had health insurance through her work. Recently, the program she had been

Andrea Riley

TJC Story Blog Apr 2021 Andrea Riley Andrea Riley is the mother of a 23-year-old son. Her son was diagnosed with high functioning autism when he was 19 years old. He also has ADHD, anxiety, and depression, which was previously diagnosed in childhood.

D’Andrea Matthews

TJC Story Blog Apr 2021 D'Andrea Matthews "My son was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 17. In around September of 2018, I received a renewal packet from TennCare, which I completed for all household members. I received a notice a few

LuLu Hearn

TJC Story Blog Mar 2021 LuLu Hearn Lou Ellen (LuLu) Hearn is a 67-year-old woman living in Jackson, Tennessee. She describes her experience working with TennCare as “a nightmare”. She had Medicaid from 2001-2019 along with having Medicare. She was on Social Security