LuLu Hearn

TJC Story Blog Mar 2021 LuLu Hearn Lou Ellen (LuLu) Hearn is a 67-year-old woman living in Jackson, Tennessee. She describes her experience working with TennCare as “a nightmare”. She had Medicaid from 2001-2019 along with having Medicare. She was on Social Security

Allyanna Pollard

TJC Story Blog Mar 2021 Allyanna Pollard Allyanna is pregnant with her first child and lives in Johnson City, Tennessee. She is due to have her baby in May 2021. She was living in Virginia when she became pregnant and has since moved


TJC Story Blog Mar 2021 Laksmi Last year in 2020 my beautiful daughter tried to overdose. She was taken into the ER and stayed several hours monitoring her and speaking with a social worker who told us this is unfortunately a common problem

Travis Johnson

TJC Story Blog Mar 2021 Travis Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Johnson live in Mt. Juliet with their 12-year-old and 14-year-old children. The Johnson family has been self-insured and has used a Christian health sharing company. On August 20th, one of the Johnson children