Client Spotlight: Jane Hopkins

Jane Hopkins is in the coverage gap, unable to get health insurance through Obamacare or TennCare. Jane has worked hard over the years, most notably removing asbestos from buildings for 30 years. Her health has been deteriorating for some time. Among other ailments, Jane has COPD, three blood clots in her brain, stage 3 kidney disease, and was recently diagnosed with lung cancer

Client Spotlight: Morgan Holloway

Morgan Holloway is one of the many young clients TJC serves, and he and his mother Teresa swear that the services we provided served as a true ray of light in what is otherwise a challenging life

Volunteer Spotlight: Marie Langford

TJC recognizes the extraordinary generosity of Marie Langford, who is a bookkeeping volunteer for TJC.

Client Spotlight: Alicia Coffman

Alicia Coffman is one of more than 280,000 people in Tennessee unable to access affordable coverage.