The Senate Health and Welfare Committee shot down Medicaid expansion once again, denying our state the healthcare and economic benefits we so desperately need.

During a global pandemic that has highlighted the devastating and unjust health disparities in our state, our leaders refuse to engage. No testimony, no witnesses, no research, no facts. They barely spent 10 minutes considering an evidence-based program that 36 other states have said yes to that would help hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans and create net savings for our state budget in a time of economic distress. They haven’t done their homework, and they haven’t done their jobs. They come here at incredible cost to taxpayers, and sit there not having to worry about their own health insurance while they completely dismiss a lifeline for frontline workers, rural communities, and other hurting Tennesseans. They are either clueless or shameless, but either way we are sick of it. They need to know it’s inexcusable for them to come to town and not deal with our healthcare crisis.

Raise your voice.

Sample Call script:

Hi, this message is for Senator [name],

I am very disappointed in Sen. [name]’s decision to dismiss the bills that could have provided health coverage to more Tennesseans. In the middle of a health and economic crisis while taxpayers pay for their health insurance, I really hoped they would step up and do their jobs. I am sick of their inaction and ignorance about Medicaid expansion, a program that would save lives and provide net savings to our state budget.

Sample tweets:

[@Senator] let our state down by quickly dismissing an opportunity for 300,000 uninsured TNeans to receive healthcare. This is an ongoing public health and safety crisis, and your inaction is unconscionable. #SickOfItTN #ExpandMedicaidTN

The costs of failing to expand Medicaid is greater than you know, [@Senator]. There are real-life consequences to your inaction. Medicaid expansion would save lives, create jobs and help rural counties. #SickOfItTN #ExpandMedicaidTN

Contact information for members of the committee below. (*) Already in support of Insure Tennessee.

Rusty Crowe, Chair: (615) 741-2468


Ferrell Haile, 1st Vice Chair: (615) 741-1999

Twitter: @HaileforSenate

Shane Reeves, 2nd Vice Chair: 615-741-1066

Twitter: @SenShaneReeves

Joey Hensley: (615) 741-3100

Twitter: @joey_senator

Ed Jackson: (615) 741-1810

Twitter: @SenEdJackson

*Becky Duncan Massey: (615) 741-1648

Twitter: @MasseyForSenate

Art Swann: (615) 741-0981

Bo Watson: (615) 741-3227

Twitter: @SenBoWatson

*Jeff Yarbro: (615) 741-3291

Twitter: @yarbro


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