Comment to Save Rural Hospitals

Tennessee has lost more rural hospitals for its size than any other state in the nation. 32 more in our state alone are at risk of closing or severely cutting their services. The legislative ban on using our federal health care funds starves those hospitals of revenues they urgently need. Under the Medicaid block grant proposal, there is even less incentive to put the necessary funding into rural hospitals in Tennessee–meaning they are at higher risk for bankruptcy and closure. 

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Please submit a comment opposing radical, harmful changes to Medicaid. Tennessee is the first state to ask the federal government to convert its current Medicaid program (called TennCare) into a “block grant.” You can read more about the proposal here

It’s important that you take the time to add in your own story! Here are some things that we suggest you add into your comment:

    • If you or a family member relies on TennCare, you might elaborate on any difficulties that you have had with TennCare, including difficulty dealing with TennCare paperwork, experiences of being unable to see medical specialists or get adequate nursing hours for someone you love, and/or any difficulty getting the prescriptions you need.
    • If you work with people on TennCare, or work for an organization serving/representing people on TennCare, discuss the importance of TennCare for the people you work with, tell the stories of any individuals who need a lot of services, and talk about how harmful it would be if these services were cut. You might also talk about any problems people have had with TennCare, such as losing coverage without any notice, and emphasize that TennCare needs more accountability, not less. 

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