TJC welcomes back De Vann Sago as our new Princeton Children’s Health and Nutrition Fellow. De Vann originally joined us last year as a summer college intern. We reluctantly let her return to Princeton and graduate with this year’s class. We raved about her to Bill King, who with his wife, Robin, has been a faithful and generous TJC supporter. Bill is also a Princeton alum who shares De Vann’s passion for social justice. When Bill met De Vann, he understood at once why we wanted to lure her back to TJC. He and Robin have generously funded a fellowship to enable De Vann to work at TJC on issues of health and nutrition for at-risk children across Tennessee. De Vann will build on TJC’s success in improving the health and lives of Tennessee’s children. Over 17 years of litigation, our John B. case produced dramatic gains in TennCare’s preventive care for 750,000 children and prenatal care for moms. Our advocacy with the Department of Children’s Services has improved educational and mental health services for children in juvenile detention. And De Vann’s advocacy for expanded school nutrition programs will complement TJC’s success in protecting SNAP (food stamp) benefits for vulnerable families. The new fellowship also deepens TJC’s relationship with Princeton. For 15 years, our clients have benefited from the work of dedicated Princeton students, like De Vann. They have been underwritten by the Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS) program, which is supported by Princeton alums (including TJC co-founder Gordon Bonnyman). We are so grateful for Bill and Robin King for growing our Princeton connection and invite other Tigers to follow their lead.