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Project Description


Contribute your time and knowledge to TJC’s life-changing work today!


TJC is honored to have worked with some of the top lawyers in both Tennessee and the country. Pro bono attorneys have been deeply involved in some of our most significant legal work; they have partnered with us on cases that have prevented bankruptcy for Tennesseans struggling to put food on the table and saved lives of citizens with complex medical conditions. They generously donate their time and expertise to ensure families in Tennessee have representation when their loved ones or themselves are in need of vital medical services. If you’re interested in attending a CLE training or learning more about becoming involved, please email Chris Coleman at


Past referrals have included cases involving a 39-year-old mother being told she had to move to a nursing home, a child with behavioral problems being denied mental health treatment, and a young girl whose home nursing hours, which allowed her to remain home with her family, were set to be cut.  These are cases where your actions will have a direct and enormous impact on the lives of your clients.

  • Attorneys who agree to work with our clients pro bono will have the opportunity to represent low-income Tennesseans in TennCare appeals.
  • Hearings are held by phone, so the pro bono attorney need not live in the same geographic area as the client.
  • TJC attorneys will help you with ongoing technical support and strategic advice throughout your entire pro bono experience.

The pro bono work that I’ve done with TJC has been some of the most satisfying work that I’ve done as a lawyer. I can think of no better way to fulfill my professional obligation to help give a voice to clients in need than by helping those who are literally fighting for their lives when they deal with TennCare.

– David Cañas, Partner, Thompson Burton PLLC.


Jeff Gibson

Bass, Berry & Sims

In 2017, TJC honored Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Jeff Gibson as the Pro Bono Attorney of the Year. Jeff and a colleague at Bass provided pro bono representation to a TJC client who had been denied TennCare coverage for a nursing home. The team won the hearing for the client and the nursing home reimbursed the client’s wife thousands of dollars. Jeff was so inspired by his first successful TennCare case that he spearheaded an ongoing project at Bass to provide pro bono assistance to other TJC clients having problems establishing their eligibility for TennCare or getting medically necessary services once they have enrolled in the program.

Thanks to Jeff’s efforts, Bass attorneys have provided successful pro bono representation to five low-income clients. One of those cases, in which Jeff and another Bass attorney served as pro bono co-counsel with TJC, was a successful federal court suit involving a working mother of three who was wrongly denied TennCare coverage for two months—while she was in a coma.