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Linking the Uninsured in TN to Coverage


With over 25 different pathways to public health coverage, the laws and regulations governing eligibility are very complex. Unfortunately, mastering all the eligibility rules can often elude even the most seasoned healthcare professionals.

Jane Beasley is a longtime client advocate at TJC.  If anyone can figure out if someone is eligible, it’s Jane.  But Jane is just one person.  What if we could replicate Jane’s case handling prowess and make it widely available to others?  In2014, the project to create a public health benefits screening tool called AskJane! was born.

AskJane! makes navigating the maze of public health benefits much more reliable. Utilizing a series of questions, the tool systematically categorizes applicants, identifies potential coverage, and calculates eligibility. Unlike any other public or private calculator, AskJane! screens not only for TennCare eligibility but also Medicare savings plans, premium tax credits, and cost-sharing reductions.

AskJane! is easy to use. Because the screening process utilizes a question and answer format, users are provided with all of the right questions to ask an applicant to obtain the critical information needed to determine eligibility. Armed with this information, AskJane! takes over and performs the necessary mathematical calculations and checks the obvious as well as the often-overlooked areas for coverage.


Beverly contracted Hepatitis C through a blood transfusion and desperately needed a liver transplant.  Unfortunately, her health insurance policy would not cover the transplant.  While the hospital financial counselors tried to find public health coverage for her, they were unsuccessful.  She was discharged from the hospital and sent home on hospice to die.

The family reached out to the TJC for help and received skilled assistance from long-time client advocate, Jane Beasley.  Jane knew Beverly was eligible for coverage but feared Beverly would die before she could get enrolled.  TJC reached out to Methodist Healthcare in Memphis; they agreed to perform transplant surgery without guarantee of being reimbursed for the operation and Beverly received the transplant she needed to save her life.

TJC was able to make sure Methodist Healthcare was fully reimbursed for the surgery.  When the original hospital learned about Beverly’s life-saving treatment and the work of the TJC on the case, they reached out us asking to be trained to better identify coverage.


As a web-based application, AskJane! has the power to link thousands of eligible Tennesseans to necessary public health benefits. With minimal training, social workers, healthcare providers and attorneys can help Tennesseans gain access to necessary healthcare services.


Long-time client advocate, Jane Beasley, is the inspiration behind AskJane!.  Jane’s knowledge about public health benefits in Tennessee is legendary and she has a long history of helping our clients gain access to benefits when others could not.

The screening tool was originally called the “TJC Calculator.” That changed one morning during a weekly staff meeting when one of our founders jokingly purposed the name, “AskJane!”, and like a high school nickname, it stuck. It makes sense because every discussion about eligibility with staff ended with “that is what I think, but you’d better ask Jane.”


Rob began his legal career as a prosecutor in Decatur, Illinois prior to becoming Assistant Counsel to the Illinois Secretary of State. In addition to being an attorney, Rob has twenty years of business operations experience and has been actively involved in the entrepreneur community in Nashville.

After attending a TJC training on TennCare and the Affordable Care Act in 2013, Rob saw a need to automate the complicated eligibility screening process for the uninsured in Tennessee. After a year of hard work, Rob created AskJane! to fill in the gap.