TJC Story Blog

July 2021


“I am insured, and now so are my children,” said a Tennessee mom.

Her son has been unable to receive adequate dental treatment due to a “technical error” from DentaQuest and TennCare. After three years of attempts to resolve the issue and multiple calls to both TennCare and DentaQuest, the mother discovered that her son’s social security number was entered into their systems incorrectly.

“After being told NUMEROUS TIMES that the issue was resolved, I’d then proceed to take my son to the dentist only to be told ‘Your son doesn’t have insurance.’ This back and forth process went on for three years… Three years of my son being rejected. Three years of my son’s teeth decaying, getting worse as the days go by. As a mother, this was extremely and painfully stressful, and – yes – thinking back on it, I still get emotional. I was able to afford a few times for a cleaning, which did no justice except assure me that the infection in his mouth (due to decaying teeth) was, in fact, not causing harm to the rest of his body (it actually was – just not severe damage). The procedure he’d need cost anywhere between $1200-$2000…I stressed myself to death trying to figure out how to come up with the money. I was getting hopeless. I watched him everyday suffer from people constantly asking about his teeth (which are black now and basically decayed to the gum at this point) to being kept out of school so kids wouldn’t keep constantly asking about his teeth, to the infection affecting his overall mental health. Despite it all, he kept a positive and hopeful attitude. He is the reason I kept the faith and For that, HE DESERVES JUSTICE!!”