TJC Story Blog

Jul 2021

Alice Allen

Ms. Alice Allen is a 63-year-old African American woman who has health insurance through a private plan. She shared that she has felt discriminated against while accessing healthcare based on her race or ethnicity and that, “[The] general practitioner does not explain all medical results after consultation, just says everything is all right. I have never seen an employee of color in his facility.”

Ms. Allen also shared that she knows family and friends who have felt discriminated against while accessing healthcare based on their race or ethnicity. She would like to tell her politicians, “Address lack of affordable health insurance for men of color between the ages of 27 yrs and up!!!!!!”

*The Black Health Matters initiative seeks to frame health as a racial justice issue and to educate about the long-standing systemic barriers to care and other social determinants of health as well as bias in the healthcare industry that create worse health outcomes for Black people. If you have ever experienced health disparities or health inequities, please fill out this brief survey. TJC wants to share your experiences to educate people about these issues and get them to take action to fix the problems in our healthcare system.

Please consider joining us in taking the Black Health Matters Pledge and committing to take action moving forward to improve the health of Black Tennesseans.