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TJC works to ensure all Tennesseans have access to affordable health care. All of our work is inspired by the courage and generosity of the families and children we are privileged to serve. We are driven by a shared vision of our nation in which every family has financial peace of mind and access to compassionate, effective health care when needed.

We pursue that vision by assisting over a thousand individual clients each year, enabling us to identify systemic barriers to care that broadly affect many other families, as well. We advocate — in the courts, before government agencies, in the state legislature, and before Congress — for policy changes to address those barriers and improve care. We provide extensive training and technical assistance to consumers, other advocates, health care providers and legal professionals. TJC serves as a source of health and fiscal policy expertise to the news media, other community agencies and to public officials at all levels of government.

TJC’s policy advocacy amplifies the voices of ordinary Tennesseans so that government officials understand how public policies impact families in our state. Our clients’ stories have an authenticity that enables them to overcome ideology and political obstacles and to move hearts and minds.



TJC opposes unnecessary government and insurance company red tape. This includes proposals to strip Medicaid coverage from individuals who lose their jobs. Those proposals would impose burdensome bureaucratic burdens on Tennessee’s businesses and families and lessen people’s ability to work by taking away health care. We are especially worried because government agencies have a record of erroneously terminating coverage for hundreds of thousands of eligible Tennesseans. Adding another layer of red tape for those agencies to administer will put at risk the health coverage and care of thousands of working Tennessee families.


We have worked hard with other organizations, and with thousands of fellow Tennesseans, to defend America’s health care safety net from congressional assault, but threats remain. TJC amplifies the voices of vulnerable families, and of their compassionate neighbors, to educate the public and policy makers about the importance of Medicaid. With decades of experience, we produce sophisticated fiscal and policy analyses of various health proposals, connect reporters to families with compelling health care stories, and give Tennesseans the tools to stand up for a just and compassionate America.


The Bring It Home campaign is a non-partisan effort to educate Tennesseans and policymakers about the need to make full use of federal health care funding to address Tennessee’s pressing health care needs. The state legislature passed a law in 2014 that bars the governor from using federal funds earmarked for covering uninsured working families. It is time to remove that barrier and make responsible use of Tennesseans’ own federal tax dollars.



Keila Franks

Field Director

Gordon Bonnyman

Staff Attorney, Co-Founder

Joshua Everett

Outreach Coordinator

Anna Walton

Health Policy Associate

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Story Outreach Coordinator

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Creative Director