Join TJC this September to kick-off another year of Raising the Bar, and to celebrate the contributions that law firms across the state have given to help TJC continue to serve families in need. We’ll be serving specialty cocktails from Jimi Anderson of the Patterson House, one of the America’s best cocktail bars. The host committee, listed below, welcomes all friends of TJC to join the celebration. RSVP below!

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We would love for you to join us for an evening where we can share our story, you can get to know us, we can get to know you, and we can all enjoy (free!) cocktails and the view of the city from the top of the Pinnacle Building. It’s not too late — RSVP now!


Celebrate the Commitment

24x112_20140325_4468-Edit EMandCMEach year, law firms that have committed to helping TJC donate a total of $40,000. These generous donations help TJC continue to serve moms like Evelyn, pictured to the right. Evelyn called TJC for help when her son, Christian, was losing the life-changing therapy that he needed to continue to develop. TJC was able to advocate for Evelyn and find and assist a pro bono lawyer to represent Evelyn. In the end, Christian was able to keep his therapy.

We can only do this work with the help of the firms that have pledged to Raise the Bar. Twenty law firms have committed their donation to us over a 3-year period, bringing us ever closer to equal justice for all.

Join us to celebrate another year, to celebrate their commitment, and to celebrate Tennessee law firms Raising the Bar. To find more information on how your law firm can get involved, visit our Raising the Bar page.

All friends of TJC are warmly welcomed to this celebration, and we hope that you will join us (whether you are a lawyer or not!). Be sure to RSVP with the form above.

The Host Committee

The host committee and the Chairs of the Raising the Bar Campaign invite you to join us in this celebration:

Mike Abelow
Sarah Akin
Samar Ali
Gail Vaughn Ashworth
Olatayo O. Atanda
Laura Baker
Kathryn Barnett
Margaret Behm
Robb Bigelow
Tasha Blakney
Charles Robert Bone
Andy Branham
Josh Burgener
David Cañas
Mark Chalos
Lisa Cole
Jackie Dixon
Harlan Dodson III
Chris Dunn
Sherie Edwards*
Naill Falls
Jonathan Farmer*
Jeff Gibson
B. Riney Green
Bill Harbison
Tricia Herzfeld
Mike Jameson
Tracy Kane
Ed Lanquist
Laken Lovely
Alexandra MacKay
Nancy MacLean
Anne Martin
Bob Mendes
Leighann Ness
Emily Ogden
Andrea Perry
Erin Palmer Polly
Bill Purcell
Gregg Ramos
Lauren Paxton Roberts
Keith Simmons*
John Spragens
Mohammed A Syed
David K Taylor
Jerry Taylor
Nancy Vincent
Cindy Wyrick
Lisa Wyatt
Tyler Yarbro
Stephen Zralek

*Raising the Bar Campaign Co-Chairs

Event Sponsors

We are so grateful to the following sponsors for supporting this event.

Champions of Justice


Supporters of Justice

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