2015 Mothers of the Year

Working with families in times of crisis, TJC has witnessed the extraordinary love and courage of mothers and caretakers. We have stood with parents who persistently advocate for not only their own children, but for all children in need of health care.

Every Mother’s Day we honor the strength and determination of these advocates with the Tennessee Justice Center Mothers of the Year.  Our staff recruits volunteer photographers, and then provides our honorees with framed “Mother of the Year” certificates and framed family photos.

Dillon Bock, a video producer in Nashville, volunteered to interview one of our moms. Hear Emily tell her story about her son, Beckett:

Community Moms 2015

Every year, TJC honors our clients as Mothers of the Year, but also moms around Tennessee who have been incredible advocates for their children. Read more about our Community Moms!


After Beckett was born premature due to preeclampsia, TJC helped Emily and her husband get the coverage they needed to care for Beckett and cover their medical bills.


Tracy beat cancer in 2012 and has no insurance for the cancer checks she needs. She has become a powerful advocate for the uninsured across Tennessee.


When Michele's daughter passed away in the Medicaid Gap, she became a voice for all uninsured Tennesseans.


For the past 18 years TJC has helped Nita get the care that her son needs.


For over a decade, TJC has stood with Riza and helped her fight for the care that her daughter needs.


When Mary's sister was facing a hospital discharge, Mary and TJC worked together to keep her safe.


Bonita's mother was facing possible eviction from the nursing home, but with TJC's help, Bonita fought for her mother's rights.


Lorna is a fierce advocate for her 6 children, 3 of whom she adopted.