Amid 1,800 public comments, Lee TennCare waiver panned with just 9 supporting

Nov. 11, 2019 | Andy Sher | Chattanooga Times Free Press

  • The plan intends to eliminate provisions of federal oversight for Medicaid spending.
  • Chattanooga and other cities have held hearings where speakers overwhelmingly opposed the Medicaid block grant proposal.
  • During the state comment period, only 9 of 1,800 public comments supported the Medicaid block grant. State officials are required to take comments into account in the revised proposal before sending it to CMS Nov. 20.

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Staff Photo by Robin Rudd from Chattanooga Times Free Press/ Kelli Klein, of the Tennessee Justice Center, holds a sign during the forum. A public hearing on Gov. Bill Lee’s Medicaid block grant proposal took place at the Chattanooga Public Library on October 16, 2019.