Will TennCare pay for nursing home care?

Are you eligible for treatment in a nursing home?

Through Tennessee’s CHOICES program, people who might are eligible for nursing home care can choose to either move to a nursing home or receive their care at home.  If a person wants to get care at home, that care CAN’T cost more than a nursing home would cost.

The CHOICES program has strict eligibility requirements.  A person who wants to get on CHOICES must meet both the medical and the financial requirements.

Right now, the financial requirements are:

  • The individual’s counted income must be less than $2,022 a month.
    • Counted income is money like Social Security Retirement or Disability payments, pensions, or work income.
    • Some types of income that don’t count are:
      • Veterans benefits for someone in the household other than the patient,
      • Tax refunds,
      • Energy assistance payments,
      • Payments from credit disability nsurance policies
      • The first $20 a month of unearned income, such as Social Security or pension payments.
  • The individual’s assets must be low enough.  The rules for which assets count are complicated.

An individual must also be medically eligible.

  • The applicant must fill out a Pre-Admission Evaluation.  This form must also be signed by a physician.  This form must say that a person needs help with their daily activities.

To apply for CHOICES, contact the Tennessee Health Connection at 1-855-259-0701.  If you already have TennCare, then call your TennCare insurance plan and tell them you want to apply.

For more information about how to apply for CHOICES and what the rules are, read the Legal Aid Society’s information packet. For more information about what services you can get at home, read our flyer.

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